Why You Should Leave Drain Cleaning Tasks to the Experts

Local plumbers save you money on drain cleaning service in South Gate, CA.When it comes to home emergencies, some of our South Gate customers would classify a clogged drain as a relatively low priority. A slow drain is a nuisance for sure, but is it really a pressing issue? The truth is, yes. When your kitchen or bathroom sink is backed up, it doesn’t flow as quickly or as powerful and thus will pick up more and more debris until there is no draining at all. These completely backed up drains attract insects and are a haven for bacteria – not to mention the unpleasant spell wafting through your entire home.

For these reasons it’s best to call South Gate Action Plumber & Drain for a professional drain cleaning at the first sign of any clogging. In fact, it’s recommended that you have your drains cleaned on an annual basis in order to prevent all the hair, dander, skin cells, and food debris from creating a clog in the first place. All that being said, there is something arguably worse than not having your drains cleaned in a prompt manner and that’s attempting to DIY the job yourself. Here are some of the risks associated with that process:

Poor Results

South Gate Action Plumber & Drain has the tools and expertise to identify the cause of your drain clog and to come up with the optimum solution. Big box drain cleaners, snake tools, and other DIY equipment just doesn’t have the prowess that industrial components do.

Missing the Root Cause

You may be able to get water flowing again, but did you identify the root cause of the issues? Even if you’ve created a temporary drain, there still may be grease, hair, and other debris caked on the walls of your pipes that will make clogs a recurring issue.

Potential for Damage

Some acidic drain cleaners are corrosive and harmful to your pipes and could be causing more costly damage in the long run. Other items such as disassembling a stuck garbage disposal as a DIY project could be dangerous or do damage to the components.

Your best bet is to simply call South Gate Action Plumber & Drain for a prompt, professional drain cleaning, inspection, and maintenance service call. Your homeowners’ insurance will thank you for it.


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